Day Care

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Day Care


A fun time for your pet with play time, bathroom break time, nap time and more play time! The ideal solution for pets suffering from separation anxiety. A way to stop destructive behavior at home while you're away due to boredom. A great way to socialize your pet too! A safe place for your pet while at work or having work done around the house. at the end of the day when you come home tired, you may find that your pet is as tired as you are, having spent a fun filled, active day in our care. Our dacare doggies enjoy lots of space to run and play in our expanded, grass yard with a kiddie pool for those hot summer days.

Daycare is avilable by the day or week. Times are flexible to fit your schedule (early bird drop off anytime after 6am). Call for information and reservations.


All dogs $10/day

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Phone: 619-443-7605

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